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About us

In 2017 Interetek PMC Limited opens an subsidiary in Romania called Intertek PM&CT. The new company having majority shareholders in the mother…

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Consulting and Project

Current researches in integrated management but also in Oil&Gas consultancy are focused on finding new ways of ensuring economic efficiency…

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The I.A.D.C. certificates are recognized worldwide by most of the drilling companies. Therefore based on the I.A.D.C. certificate you can demonstrate…

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Our mission

Intertek courses assume active involvement of all of the course participants in exercises and practical simulations. We create the right atmosphere for interaction and collaboration, we study the past incidents and analyze the causes together finding the correct methods and practices to avoid future similar incidents. Trainee work experience plus trainer knowledge and experience can create new ideas and solutions for your problems.
2018 Represent a new stage for Intertek Romania as we have proposed to offer internal courses at the customer disposal and convenience. In this case the training can be performed taking into account the specific aspects of each individual company. We are also developing the HSE training going forward with ADVANCED HSE training level which is addressed to management staff. At the same time we create conditions for opening a drilling school that will provide trained personnel to meet the field needs since the first employment.